They aren't really bad photos. They are just photos of things people normally overlook. Banal, everyday objects rarely captured on screen.

Looking out over arab East Jerusalem.  Lovely spices in the Mahaney Yehuda.   Get yer fruit! Fresh fruit!   Golly. What a hill.

Remember not to forget.  Bottled water. An old city.  A hassidic Jew using a Blackberry.  Graffiti in Jerusalem. It's not all history and suicide bombs.

What a lovely tree.  Downtown. They don't make buildings like that anymore. Oh yes they do.   Soldiers swearing in.   You can make a phone call direct to God.

Hebrew. Arabic. English. That's pluralism for you.   Halva. It's not soap. You eat it. Personally, I can't stand it.   What an angle. What an ungle.   The flag is very popular. It needs to be.

This weather, eh?  Roofies.  Below Muswell Hill  West London mythology.

Where did you go?  Draiiiiiin  Berwick Street. Fruit, veg and porn.   Oh Window.

All the pretty rooftops.  My local parade. Palace Gates Road and Crescent Road.   Durnsford Park. The Village Green Preservation Society.   An old church being turned into flats.

A shed. Man not supplied.   The church window.   Delicious candyfloss.  What crap prizes.

Fairground bums.   Another bench.   A row of Don King trees.   The railing. I resent it.

The railing shadows.   A generous kebab.  In bed, watching snooker.  Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?