They aren't really bad photos. They are just photos of things people normally overlook. Banal, everyday objects rarely captured on screen.

Writing in a bin. How sad.  More feet.  A van that serves coffee!  Miles and miles of squares.

Spacehoppers. In this day and age?  An arty reflection.   It was pissing down.   Old Man River.

Urban stuff.  A tram. The transport of the future.   Graffitti in Berlin.  A balloon of love.

He is not a terrorist.  What do you want? We want information.  Germans make good cakes.   Oooh. Soldiers.

Piss.  Buildings near the Tate Modern.  The 184 bus has broken down.  This car is abandoned.

Delicious or shit?  Sad bollard  Bloody Typical.  The famous Trellick Tower.

Are they on strike?  I am lying down. I need to lose weight.  Spooky Dooky.  Happy New Year.

Colney Hatch Lane.  The Tate Modern. Pretentious or just good art? I'll leave it for you to decide.  Bunny art.  Stark.

 What a beautiful mural.  How did it get there?  Lovely.  Towards Hampstead Garden Suburb.

I do not like hospitals.  A depressing coach.  Reflections in Wood Green. Is this the greatest ever photo?  The best ever name for a newsagent.

Dead bricks floating on a plastic skein.   Dukes Avenue. NOT the worst ran run in London.   Pretty flowers.  Woolworths. Modern.

Red.   Willow. Wallow.   What a fucking strange plant.   Old times but not good times.

Crapola.   Look at the man at the bottom, caught behind the blur...  Ladybirds fucking.  Slags.   Me and other people, on the big train.

I was drunk on the tube and saw the bruise on a woman's leg, so I zoomed in on it. I am not a pervert. Or am I?  Seagulls. And I'm not even in Brighton.   St Pauls Cathedral.   The houses of parliament.

Camden. Behind the other bit.   A boring car park.  East Finchley, legendary home of the Greek Gods.  Last exit on Reading.

What a dirty ceiling.   The black disc of eternal damnation. On a bus.   Hair stripe on bus.   Windows all bricked up. Bring out the undead.

A very grubby keyboard. Yes.  What a wet day it was.   The rooftops of west London. Trellick Tower is not calling.  Delicious local donuts.

Look at my hairy shoulder.  It really was rainy.  A chair. Is it art? Is it comfortable?  Those girls sure do love their art.

Oh, the exhilarating rush of live music. I never quite enjoy it.   More signals from aliens.  It's a dangerous neighbourhood.  There is no point to Essex Road.