They aren't really bad photos. They are just photos of things people normally overlook. Banal, everyday objects rarely captured on screen.

I like the font of the sign.  I look seedy.    More grafitti.   A futuristic cigarette.

  The soldier guy looks menacing.   Bloody rain.   The skip.   A builder on a roof.

We are landing.   She is not a terrorist, she is a very nice girl.   Flowers.   Me.

This is where I sleep.   Another fucking bike.   You always wait for the wrong train.   Ah. A normal, pretty picture.

I like that man.   One day a giant wheel just appeared.   An old book of stamps. San Marino.   The Morecombe and Wise of chimneys.

A backstreet in Bounds Green  Small glasses for small drinks,  Somewhere near Green Park.  A mutt.

A picture full of movement.  A pathetic teatowel.  The glare blinds me.  Old. Building.   

London Underground has a sense of humour.  An unorthodox canhukah.   Green.   Space Raiders cost just 10p.

A man is laughing.   An old typewriter that I keep meaning to sell.   More stairs.     A large can of oil on top of a public phone.

A bag in a tree.  I am not supposed to be smoking.   There are often accidents on the narrow bridge.    A bollard. In a tree.

I know they are not spats.   An old tailor's shop in Myddleton Road.   Some things never change.   A pigeon that died very neatly on my roof.

The debris of last night's kebab.   Steam.   A bus in a fence  Haringey.

Cupboard.   This door leads nowhere.   A jewish hubcap.  This tower can be seen from space.  

Snow.   Bins.  People.   I don't like it.

A frog in a dustbin. It is disgusting.   A shirt.  Balloons.  The fucking moon.

The gas ring behind Wood Green.   Netting.  Two piles of gravel.   Danger!

  The Art Deco Odeon  A tunnel.   A swirl of stubble.   A message!

My dad is tired  Down below Alexandra Palace   Rotten Shit England  My teeth are terrible.

Signs are boring.   A dramatic sky.  More bicycles.   A kebab van.