They aren't really bad photos. They are just photos of things people normally overlook. Banal, everyday objects rarely captured on screen.


a pigeon in the street  My back garden   My bedroom. You can see me in the mirror  A basket of pegs

Some books in my mum's house An empty tube carriage. Spooky   The front door I grew up with  Stairs at Turnpike Lane tube

The view from my old window on a rainy day  A friend walking along the bridge over Alexandra Palace station  Half a dog  Turnpike Lane tube

The escalators at Bounds Green station   A view from the Barbican  Some pillars in the Barbican   My feet

Shot taken from the window as train approached Willesden Junction  My foot, with an imprint left by a sock  My old bathroom. Ah, the glamour  A bed. I love the old wallpaper. Nostalgia.

A goal  The view from the roof of the house I grew up in   The dreaded alarm clock  A church on Bounds Green Road. The sunlight makes it seem like a Philip Larkin poem.

A central London tube station  A bike in the cellar   Moorgate. The only thing in focus is the ad for Creme Eggs  Bounds Green. Where I used to live

The Spinney by Rhodes Avenue school  Durnsford Park. Deserted   Some jackfruit in a grocers in Bethnal Green  A strange and sexual looking dustbin on a WAGN train

Celebrity con men Gilbert and George wander down a street  The top of the escalators at Bounds Green tube  I am trying to sleep  Alexandra Palace, from a train window. Overhead...the storm clouds gather...

I cast a long shadow  The zig zag stairs at South Quay station  The toilets at work. Beautiful design, no?  Sunset over East London. A cliche, but pretty nonetheless

The sadness of the living room. The light is nice, no?  It is night. I am tired but cannot sleep.  There are grapes growing in my garden. Chateau Bounds Green?  Water.

A shade of the Barbican.  A stately profile at the British Museum.  Pigeon shit.   Hmmmm....nice shoes, mister.

The new roof at the British Museum  A canary. Naked!  A disused Volvo in Bowes Road  Leaves. Pretty leaves...

A strangre but typical Berlin place.  I love vending machines. I'm not sure that I like graffiti.  Like Kermit's nephew, I have my favourite stair.

Highbury and Islington. Strange colours reflected in the wall. Fruit juices. And reflections. More feet. Family feet.  Sometimes, despite my best intentions, I end up at work.

Down the stairs we go... to who knows where...   The 184 bus... at night.  I always look stern and moody on public transport. I am neither here nor there.  Cracked tiles were hidden for years by carpet.

People on an escalator. I think it was at Tottenham Court Road.  No need for alarm!  A bald man at Tower Gateway. Maybe he will be my friend.  Phoneboxes... and more phoneboxes... ad infinitum...

You are my favourite modem pole.  Again... Barbican at night, a termite tower.  A wet street. I like the shape of the light.  Brick Lane. It looks like a pagan hanging or something else equally morbid.

An ashtray at an office. It's size defies belief.  A very big pile of envelopes. Canary Wharf on a foggy day. It's steam, but it looks like it's on fire. Looking down on someone from an office stairwell.

Buildings make me feel small.  I like the pattern of the circle on the uneven surface.  So many crunchy autumn leaves  A depressing building in Docklands.