They aren't really bad photos. They are just photos of things people normally overlook. Banal, everyday objects rarely captured on screen.

Emptiness A wall on the northern line.  An interesting angle...  The roof of Paddington station.

Rubbish. Lots of it. In Haringay.  A jewish man (not me) wanders past a house. I was in a car waiting at some traffic lights.  A street scene,   Jars of pencils and woodcutting tools. My heirloom.

Ally Pally, the first ever TV broadcast  A sandpit. On Mars  My hand, free of a cigarette.  A bath.  

A lamp. I like the shape. Treefingers.  H is for happy.  The face of Death.  

A man behind bars.  Neon is very sexy.  Everyone is in a hurry.  If you don't like it, you know the way out.

The doorway of a sex shop on Brewer Steet.  A banana skin, Be careful not to slip.  A phonebox on the Holloway Road.  Ah, sweet blue snow  

Lots of chairs.  A kitchen sink drama.  Mind the Gap.  Ah, the glamour of West London.

Crouch End  My gorgeous mouth,  A small steering wheel.  "English! Get off the Falklands! We're coming back!"

A new building is built  An old, sad truck  Lots of lovely magazines  Nature or nurture?

Down, down, down  I love light and curtains  Looking through the Round Windoiw Yes, there are actually flats called Maxwell House! 

A bad garden.  I am Imelda Marcos. Lychees, lychees. On Berwick Street.  A man running in the rain. And a fallen head.

This is my childhood.  My reflection in an office roof.  Haringay train station. Desolate.  Hands squashed against glass.

An ashtray on the roof, after it has rained.  Friends are walking. It's Morecambe and Wise.  The bare bones of a London Underground sign.  A row of pole-things.

A window to God. Or another row of houses     The winding stairs in Finsburty Park.  An old woman is sitting among blurs.


One person is moving faster than the other.  The God of love is a small grocers.  An old man with a (unseen) moustache.  A drain. In London.

The ducks look depressed.   A beautiful deer in Alexandra Park.  Maida Vale. A view from a flat.   Boxes surround the trees.

The proud lion!  Another old dear/deer.   A broken window in a Holloway backstreet.    A crowd scene.

Argentine single. Wilma Goich.    A fag. A pint of milk.   It's blurred but I don't care.   It's a sign. It's trying to tell me something.