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Hello, strangers of the internet. This page is a gallery of pictures. The pictures are simple enough: the people in the photos have been digitally removed and replaced with drawings. Yeah, I know: anyone can trace a drawing. But so what? I am doing it, and you're not.

Maybe the pictures illustrate the idea that we all want to remove ourselves from life, and replace ourselves with fictional, self-created versions of ourself. We want to fictionalise our own existence, and impose order and narrative where there is none. Or maybe it's just tracing. Either way, I hope you enjoy the pics.

Anyway, some of the photos are just pics of friends and family and some are random photos I found on the web. I apologise if I have accidentally transformed anyone into art. And no, this page wasn't inspired by either Norwegian popstars Aha or Tom Goes to The Mayor. I'd never even heard of the latter when I did this page.

There's also a bit of a tutorial explaining how the pics are made, so you can replicate them at home if you want.

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invisible man at wedding, 1970s

invisible sister, in Bounds Green

A boy eats invisible chocolate

She's big, but maybe she's beautiful.

An invisible Australian.

invisible on campus

On the Circle Line: invisible

invisible man stares at visible bum.

Invisible dance/romance

Invisible in Buenos Aires

invisible man asleep or almost

invisible woman, naked at a cafe.

invisible laughter

invisible boy sits on dog, in Wales.

Babies don't mind invisble friends.

She only kisses the invisible

Invisible offside?

My invisible grandfather: zeidie.

She lies down invisible, for dogs and other traffic.

invisible schoolgirl rubs her panties in his face.

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