1. My name is Greg.

2. I was born in 1975. That makes me 39 years old at the moment.

3. I am 5'5". That is short for a man, but quite tall for a child.

4. I have been clogging up the Internet since the year 2000, when I started this very website.

5. For some years Time Out London magazine published my Tube Gossip as Overheard Underground. They never paid me. They gave me a subscription to their magazine. This was the start of many years of not being paid for things.

6. I eat too many sandwiches.

7. I am Jewish but not particularly religious.

8. About 7 years ago I wrote some comedy for radio. I haven't done it since.

9. I currently have a girlfriend. Last time I wrote this FAQ I was single. But that's enough about my personal life.

10. My Invisibilia drawings have been imitated by many people around the web. I like that. Imitation is flattery, until someone starts making money out of it.

11. Aside from a few years studying in Leeds and a year in Spain, I have always lived in north London. I'm not very adventurous.

12. I speak pretty good Spanish. My father is from Argentina.

13. I joined Twitter in 2008. I left in 2012. Well, I haven't really left. I'm just taking a long break. Here's some pictures I did whilst on Twitter. Some of them still make me laugh:

14. I have written a blog post explaining the benefits and dangers of Twitter.

15. In 2006 I published my first novel, A Year in the Life of TheManWhoFellAsleep. It did ok. It's now out of print, but that may change. I'll probably do a Kindle version at some point. You can read the first 75 pages of it here for free.

16. I used to tweet a lot. My two catchphrases were: "I am on a bus." and "I am in a room." Both are hilarious.

17. Three people have told me I look like Paul Giamatti. I really don't like that.

18. This website is really old. I made it all in Dreamweaver 4, Photoshop 6 and Flash 4. All are about 15 years old. I still use them. Imagination is more important than technique. (Technique is quite handy sometimes)

19. In primary school, I was briefly in the same class as a child who was the son of Lisa Goddard and Alvin Stardust.

20. I love the London Underground, but not at rush hour. Despite my catchphrase, I have no particular love of buses. (UPDATE: I no longer love the London Underground and I'm growing increasingly fond of buses)

21. I accidentally created a Gandalf/Magneto meme that has since gone global.

22. I worry I'm losing touch with young people's music.

23. I am 40% self-pity.

24. I don't have a literary agent. I did have one, once, about a decade ago. Then she quit and her replacement and I had nothing in common so we agreed to part. Every time I meet an agent I think: "That went well." And never hear from them again.

25. I work freelance. Mostly in the exciting field of e-learning. I also do a bit of social media work, although no one quite knows what that is. For the last six months I've been working 9-5 in an office. It's ok. It's a very humdrum existence, but it's nice to have some structure in my life.

26. I support Spurs. I make no apologies for this.I once applied to become the manager of Spurs. I didn't get the job, but I do still have the rejection letter.

27. I don't like it when strangers off the Internet try to befriend me on Facebook. Although I'll probably like it even less when they stop.

28. I spent my teenage years reading comics. Mostly Marvel. I was a big fan of their New Universe. I also read 2000AD a lot. Zenith was the best.

29. Because I'd occasionally write things on my blog, some people thought I was a journalist. I am not a journalist. I don't want to be a journalist.

30. My hairline has been receding for well over a decade. Actually, it seems to have stopped receding. For now. The bald spot at the back is getting bigger.

31. This website was made with Dreamweaver 4.0, Photoshop 6.0 and Flash 4.0. All this software is over a decade old. I'm not cutting-edge.

32. I normally have a beard. I've had a beard for a long time now.

33. People sometimes ask me why I left Twitter. It wasn't a big drama. I was going to take a week off, and that week has turned into two years. I was getting a bit uncomfortable with having 25,000 followers and being in the spotlight when off Twitter I was sitting at home all day, mostly unemployed. Also, it started to feel a bit like school, and I never enjoyed school.

34. I stopped watching Naruto Shippuden about four years ago. I'd like to start rewatching it, but I can never remember how far I got.

35. In my mid-twenties I finally completed Manic Miner.

36. I seem to be enduring a second adolescence.