A FEATURE presentation from themanwhofellasleep:

1) Are animals evil?

2) Why are you so unhappy?

3) When are you going to pull yourself together and get proper job? You're wasting your life.

Ah, animals. Cute, fluffy animals. They sit on your lap and roll around being fluffy and adorable, right?

Wrong. Animals are cruel, savage, creatures, who mercilessly take advantage of man's natural kindness.

Every single animal on the planet would turn against man and kill him if they had the chance.


Weasels are devious little tykes!

What further evidence do you need that animals are commie no-goodniks hell bent on chaos and destruction?

Every time you eat a piece of meat, savour the fact that some monstruous animal is not tucking into you or one of your loved ones.

There is only room on this planet for one dominant species - MANKIND!

So don't talk to me about animal rights.

They have the right to remain silent...and tender and juicy...

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