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a portrait of Michel de Nostredame in the sixteenth century
Nostradamus as he might look if he were alive today

"And Lo, a great horse will come from the sky and it will graze in the pasture of wrath!", thus spake the celebrated seer Michel de Nostradame in 1555. Well, given recent events, I think we all know what he was referring to.


Nostradamus was famous for his uncannily accurate predictions. Nostradumas - literally "our dumb-ass" was born in 1503 to Mary and Phil Nostradamus, and had a happy if forgettable childhood. However, he grew up to be the most famous Nostradamus in history!


Nostradamus' fame has risen in recent years as more and more people become hooked on his predictions. Amongst his most notorious predictions were those referring to Hitler - "…and at some point in the future a man of evil will strike fear into all…" and the assassination of JFK "…a great leader will die…"


He even successfully predicted his own death in the quatrain: "Jesus! That thing is heading right at us. Move out of the….". Scholars have puzzled for centuries over what Nostradumas was referring to. But puzzle is all we can do, since Nostradamus (Mike to his friends) cannot speak from beyond the grave - he was killed by a runaway carthorse.