Yes...yes, I'm afraid I have been quoted out of context.

No, no...I never met him. I knew him only by reputation. No...yes, that's right, the four fifteen flight. Direct. Oh dear...could I please speak to the manager.

What do you mean, no-one is in charge? Someone must be in charge....?




Oh god.

No-one is in charge.

So, here we are on the internet, waiting for good books and the afterlife. I think I have been here before, sitting at a computer, trying not to face sleep. I fear I have been misquoted. I fear that I may never leave this room, or have never left it. I was born here, tied to the computer, picking scabs and eyeing the alarm clock.

Excuse me, do you know who is in charge?,

Parlez-vous Francais? Habla Usted Espanol? Someone here must know what is going on.

Themanwhofellasleep? No...never heard of him? What? Is this some kind of joke?

You can't do this to me! I'm a British citizen...