Nowadays things are rarely what they seem. We live in a world where gender roles have been confused, parents are children, and 
birds can no longer fly without the assistance of man. 

To truly understand our uncanny modern existence it is vital that we (the royal we - I am, of course referring to myself) 
spend less time on introspection and more time rolling our mouses over a small series of images. Do it. Roll your mouse over the images below.
Food? Small bird? Notice how bread, formally an essential (as in "bread and butter", and "to slip home the bread-basin" , becomes a cup of coffee, which far from being essential, is just a poncey lifestyle accessory. Culture is fluid at room temperature and must be frozen. The robin, cute and harmless, becomes a pelican, one of man's greatest foes. Kiss from a Rose? Nashville? Still here? Good. The seal, impotent and grouchy, is now perceived as a vintage Rolls Royce car. Man is animal. Animal is man. We are all Manimal. In our final picture, we see that the road (which Freud interpreted as a symbol of travel) has been transformed into a Bust of Karl Marx, the famous comedian. I have no idea what this means.