Noel Edmonds
It is easy to be fooled into thinking that the menace of Noel Edmonds has just disappeared. It was all just a bad dream and
you woke. There was no Swap Shop, no Crinkly Bottom, no lumpen fuzz of wispy beard. Yes, they were terrible times, but it
seemed like if you closed your eyes tight, switched off Radio 2 and avoided BBC1 on a Saturday afternoon, you could pretend
we all lived in a world free from the blight of Edmonds. 

No. No. Wake up. He's real!

Having seen his crown of light entertainment stolen by first Chris Evans, then Johnny Vaughan and then Patrick Kielty, Edmonds
regrouped and decided to focus his megalomania on the world of politics. No-one took him seriously at first, but at this 
document proves, he has wormed his way into Blair's pocket and in now in a position of some power. In the recent cabinet
reshuffle it was even suggested that Edmond's cohort/lackey Mike Smith be drafted into the government as Northern Ireland
peace Czar. Mock him at your own peril.